sell your apparel online.


Want to sell a t-shirt to raise money for a cause? Start a webstore for your league's uniforms and fanwear? Run a school spiritwear fundraiser? Let employees grab company apparel anytime? Or collect orders for your team/group? We can help.

  • No Upfront cost to you

  • 100% Order Fulfillment (We handle everything!)

  • Track orders and funds raised through Group Manager Portal

  • No order forms, collecting money, or hassle of tallying up every single hand written order!


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How Does A Webstore Work?

We’ll work closely with you to help choose the right products, create designs, and get your store started. With online ordering and 100% order fulfillment, we’ll keep track of all orders, process, print, and distribute. Learn more about our three store types below.

Store Types:

Fundraiser Stores: Great for anyone trying to raise funds and/or awareness. We process orders once the store closes, and turnaround is 2 - 4 weeks, depending on the decoration methods and depth of product offering. Plus, you can track progress online and stay up-to-date with who and what’s being ordered the whole time. At the end of your store, we’ll send a portion of the proceeds back to you. We offer custom checkout options for student name, grade/hr teacher, etc, plus individually bagged orders.

Group Order Stores: Perfect for teams and group events. Put your team or group's apparel on a webstore and share a link with all your members. Everyone can order and pay directly online, and you can track orders the entire time. Set a close date or let us know when everyone's ordered and we'll begin processing. Turnaround time ranges from 2 - 4 weeks depending on the decoration methods and depth of product offering.

Leagues & Businesses: For large leagues and businesses we offer year-round stores. For leagues, sell your uniforms and fanwear year-round. For business, offer employee uniforms and/or company gear so your employees can stay looking sharp and you never have to worry about bulk ordering and stocking extras. With these stores we process orders once a week and turnaround time ranges from 1 - 2 weeks.

Custom Flyers & Banners

We offer fully customized flyers and banners for all stores. The optional 2'x6'ft. banner starts at $20 if you use our standard template. 

About the Fundraiser Process



We'll help choose designs and products, then we create a custom fundraiser store for online ordering.



Share and promote your online store with the promotion tools provided. We provide a printable flyer free of charge and optional 2ft. x 6ft. banner for $20*



This is when we finalize the orders and will contact you with any questions or issues. Then, we're off to the races to get your apparel done as soon as possible! 



Once production is complete and orders are ready, we'll start distribution or notify you for pickup and send you the funds raised. Orders can be picked up in-store, shipped, or distributed by you!